About Permanent Eyebrows

While permanent eyebrows san francisco can be exciting and convenient for many, they are not without their complications. Understanding the potential risks is crucial when making any cosmetic decision.

Before committing to permanent brows, do some research on the artists and salons in your locality. You can look at photos and get a consultation to decide if you want to proceed with the treatment. This is a good opportunity to inspect and check the studio for cleanliness, safety, and professionalism. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss with the artist your color choices and style preferences.

You should also ask the artist how often they perform this service. The more experienced and reputable an artist is, the more likely it is that they will deliver results that meet your expectations or exceed them.

During the appointment, your artist will apply a topical numbing lotion to the brow area. They will then begin to draw in the new shape of your brow with a dark colored pencil. This step is a little uncomfortable, but only lasts about 30 minutes. Once the numbing effect has worn off, the rest of the session should be comfortable.

At first, your brows might look too light. This is normal, and it will fade in a few weeks. If necessary, the artist can add more pigment to the brows in order to achieve the desired result. Or the lines can be revised using laser removal (an effective but expensive option).

The biggest issue with eyebrow tattoos is they will eventually fade, just as a traditional tattoo on the body. This does not happen as quickly as a tattoo, because the needle is not inserted as deep into the skin. According to dermatologist Rachel Eisman, the fading process can be accelerated by sun exposure and certain medications.

Apply an SPF 15 or greater sunscreen to the area twice a day to prevent your eyebrows from fading. You should apply a moisturizing serum to the eyebrows every day. Avoid using exfoliants on your face. In addition, before submerging your face in water (pool, shower, lake), apply petroleum jelly to the area.

Eyebrows tattoos are an investment that can last five years, if they are properly maintained. Follow the aftercare advice provided by the tattoo artist and continue your skincare regime. It’s also a good idea to stay away from sweaty activities and hot showers, as well as skincare products that contain retinoids or hydroxy acids, which can cause the ink to fade more quickly.

While eyebrow tattoos are considered semi-permanent, they will eventually begin to fade. The rate at which this happens will vary from person to person, but some factors that can influence the fading include genetics, skin type, and the amount of time spent in the sun.

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