Coastal Headache Clinic opens in Jacksonville, NC

The clinic offers dynamic treatments ranging from fast-acting treatment for acute migraines to long-term monthly injection treatment, intravenous treatment, and daily prescription for migraine prevention

Coastal Headache Clinic has opened its doors to provide patients in Onslow County, North Carolina with detail-oriented, precise and practical solutions for migraine and headache relief.

The clinic offers dynamic treatments ranging from fast-acting treatment for acute migraines to long-lasting monthly injection treatment, IV treatment, daily prescription for migraine prevention, and Botox, depending on clients’ specific needs. Coastal Headache Clinic offers thoughtful and cutting-edge treatments for each of these conditions, as well as facial neuralgia, which can cause sudden and stabbing pain in certain areas.

“Anyone who has suffered from frequent headaches or migraines knows how debilitating they can be,” says Terra Kamp, owner and family carer. “They can severely impact people’s overall well-being and affect their day-to-day functionality. That’s why people are looking for smart treatment options that will give them the results they want. And this is where our services come to the rescue of the people of Jacksonville.”

Those looking for headache treatment relief will be pleased to find that the clinic is a one stop service for a variety of conditions they may have. The clinic offers treatments ranging from acute, episodic and chronic migraines to tension headaches and cluster headaches that affect people’s daily lives. Those suffering from hemiplegic migraines or the worrisome ocular migraine that leads to visual disturbances can also benefit from the clinic’s services.

The clinic has earned its reputation for its compassionate and specialized treatment to combat headaches and migraines. His approach is as comprehensive as it is personalized, meaning treatment can be tailored to people’s specific needs. Central to the philosophy behind the treatment of headaches and migraines is the high bar of excellence set by Terra Kamp. She is an American Association of Nurse Practitioners-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 14 years of experience.

“Terra is one of the best vendors I’ve seen. She has helped me manage my migraines and made me feel better than I have in years. She cares about her patients and really looks at your health from every angle,” says a satisfied customer.

Terra’s vast experience spans the treatment of numerous neurological conditions. Today she works in this highly specialized field, providing compassionate and thoughtful care to those struggling with headaches and migraines.

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