March Youth Basketball League registrations have been announced by the Supreme Courts of Aurora, IL

Supreme Courts Aurora, the state-of-the-art basketball high school, is accepting registrations for exciting youth basketball training programs beginning March 2022.

Supreme Courts Aurora announced they are accepting registrations for upcoming exciting and educational events Basketball training sessions for youth in March 2022. Each program is conducted by qualified and professional trainers including IHSA State Champion Anthony Johnson, trainer Marcus Jesse Mcmath and trainer Josh Towle.

Supreme Courts

Supreme Courts Aurora is dedicated to providing exceptional training programs for young basketball players. That March youth basketball training programs offer training camps for Kindergarten trainees who are just beginning to appreciate and dabble in the game but are willing to develop their skills. The programs are also tailored for older school-level players who want to learn from professional basketball players and improve their skills to take their game to the next level.

The programs open for registration in March 2022 are JumpStart March Madness, Rising Starts March Madness and Dynasty Skills Academy March 2022.

The JumpStart March Madness starts on March 14th and will be coached by Coach Marcus Jesse McMath. The program comprises a total of eight sessions. Players attend training and learning sessions with the coach on Mondays or Wednesdays, depending on program enrollment. On Fridays, players are split into teams and compete in 4v4 or 5v5 matches. The registration fee for this program is $99.

Coach Josh Towle and Anthony Johnson will lead the Rising Starts March Madness program, which begins March 15. This training program also consists of a total of eight sessions. Players attend training and learning sessions with the coaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, depending on program enrollment. The instructors will also supervise the 4v4 or 5v5 games for younger players. The cost of this program is $169.

Led by Coach Anthony Johnson (former IHSA State Champion and European pro), the Dynasty Skills basketball training program is the city’s fastest growing basketball training camp. Registration fees for this program are $150 and include six one-hour training sessions. The program starts on March 8th.

To learn more about Supreme Courts Aurora and to register for training programs in March, visit the link:

Nick F., father of two who plays for the Supreme Court’s Aurora Attack, expressed his satisfaction with the children’s training programs “I judge my commitment to this organization based on the experiences of two boys in teams. Supreme does an excellent job. They work to help the children grow and develop.” He further expressed his views on the games being played in the Supreme Courts Aurora by explaining this. “They take the competition seriously, but they also care about the players and the players from other teams they compete against. They care about safety and cleanliness.”

A spokesman for the Supreme Court said: “We strive to maintain a world-class facility that enables children to learn life skills that go well beyond basketball – teamwork, confidence, communication, hard work, fair play and many others. We need everyone’s feedback so we can help Chicago’s basketball community become one that produces stars in all facets of life. “

About Supreme Courts

Based in Chicago Supreme Courts is one of the city’s most trusted and respected professional basketball venues with a state-of-the-art gymnasium. Currently, the facilities consist of large, full-fledged courts designed primarily for tournaments. In addition, the Supreme Courts are also the battlefield for many youth basketball teams that compete in various tournaments each year. The court has received recognition for offering top-notch facilities for young basketball players who want to play professionally.



Supreme Court Basketball

888 Frontenac Street Aurora, Illinois 60504

Phone: (630) 340-4645

E-mail: [email protected]


Supreme Court Basketball


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