Massage Therapy

Temecula massage therapist is performed by a massage therapist. Massage therapy is an alternative medicine that involves manipulating muscle tissue to reduce stress, discomfort, and pain. Some people use massage services to improve their health, while others do so for medical reasons. Some insurance companies pay for therapeutic massages by licensed physical and occupational therapists. You will be able to market your business based on the type of massages you offer.

Many states regulate massage and require that massage therapists have certain qualifications. Join an industry association to keep up with changes in the laws and regulations of your state. Some cities have ordinances that are applicable to massage businesses. It is vital to keep up with the changes as failing to comply may result in fines, or even the shutdown of a business.

During the nineteenth century, wealthy woman often suffered from a disease called neurasthenia. They experienced fatigue, depression anxiety, high blood-pressure, and headaches. Doctors would prescribe a six-to-eight week period of bedrest for their patients to treat their symptoms. Women were given a full-body massage during this time to maintain muscle tone and improve mood. This treatment became so popular that it is now the foundation of what we know as today’s spa industry.

Lexus was a happy woman before she moved to Odessa. She had ambitions to one day become a nurse, or a physical therapist. She needed to earn an extra income after her husband was fired from his job at an oil rig. So she decided to get a job at the Healing Touch massage parlor.

The owner of the massage business introduced Lexus to the madams, Sharon, a 49-year-old spitfire with a quick wit and Kathy, a matronly redhead with a pierced tongue. She accepted a position, hoping to make enough money for her and her daughter.

Lexus thought that she made the right choice, but after a few weeks, she noticed one of her clients receiving a happy-ending massage. The happy ending is a type of massage that starts as a regular one and ends with sexual activity.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the licenses of any employees or contractors licensed to perform massage are valid and current. You should keep a record of each license at your facility, in case there is an inspection. Verify that your employees and contractors are not using licenses that have expired, or that they were disciplined in any way. You should also prepare for any inspections of your business by requesting that copies of the relevant documents be provided to you.

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