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When a complaint is received by a school of sexual harassment or discrimination it will immediately begin an investigation that can be extremely complex and long. The school will then typically move to hold a hearing where the accuser and accused will be able to present their cases and evidence to decision-makers. The school will usually issue sanctions or penalties after the hearing. These could range from expulsion and a loss of housing to full-year suspended. Duffy Law represents students who are the subject of such proceedings.

A strong defense can reduce the severity and length of penalties, or even clear you name if found not guilty. Our firm can guide you through the complex process, protecting your rights at every step.

Your school must prevent sexual assaults, harassments and discrimination when it comes to its programs and events that receive federal funds. Nevertheless, the actual implementation does not always go as planned. In many cases, schools have failed properly to investigate and pursue claims of harassment or sexual assault. As a result, some students have suffered severe repercussions.

Our team of Title IX Lawyer Chicago has extensive experience representing students in such matters and will aggressively fight for your rights at every step of the process. A good Title IX law firm will act as a middleman between you and investigators in order to prevent your words from being used against your. They will also gather and present all relevant evidence such as messages, emails and other documentation. They will also raise any inconsistencies and challenge the credibility your accuser.

The decision-makers at a Title IX hearing are not bound by the same standard of proof as judges in criminal cases and instead operate under what is called the preponderance of the evidence standard. This means that the decision-makers must believe you are more likely than not guilty of the offense in question. This less strict standard is what will determine whether you are held responsible.

Even if the investigation is closed without finding you responsible, it can leave a permanent mark on your record that can work against you in future applications to graduate school or for professional jobs. In the event that a violation is found, our firm can help you navigate appeals and minimize damages.

Our office handled numerous civil suits against educational institutions that mishandled Title IX claims. Our clients sought to change procedures implemented by their schools as well as financial compensation for harms they suffered. In some cases these lawsuits resulted in schools losing their funding. Please contact our firm if you think that your school has violated the Title IX laws. We will provide a free consultation. We can give you the advice and representation you need to get back on track.

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