Towing Service & Roadside Assistance

You need help if your car breaks while you are on the road. Luckily, towing and roadside assistance services are available through your car insurance company or a third-party provider.

You may require a battery charge or a tire change. Most roadside assistance packages cover these services.

A flat tire is an issue that can cause serious safety issues or accidents. This is why you should always have a spare and plan ahead for when the time comes to replace your tire.

24 hour roadside assistance programs include a free tire change as long as you are prepared with a spare and if the person assisting you has the proper license. This is an excellent way to avoid expensive repair bills and stay safe on the road.

Some programs provide additional services such as emergency fueling and towing of cars, motorcycles or boats. These services are especially useful for those who are unfamiliar with the area.

If you have a dead battery, you can also expect your roadside assistance plan to include jump-starting your battery. This can save a lot of money, time and stress, as it is more expensive to change your battery than have a professional jumpstart it.

Towing is a process that involves moving a vehicle from one location to another using a flatbed truck. This is typically used when a person is arrested or a vehicle is not able to be driven.

There are many different types, such as wheel lift tows or flatbeds. The cost of towing varies by vehicle, but can range from $10-$30 per mile and up.

Your car insurance may cover the cost of towing, but it’s best to check with the towing service to make sure. Some companies charge a fee for towing your vehicle to a particular location or towing it after-hours.

Many towing companies charge a flat fee for towing a four-door sedan, and charge per mile for larger vehicles. These rates are different for each company. They are usually based on how far you drive and what time of day you want the tow.

Some towing businesses offer 24-7 emergency roadside support, so if your car is in an accident on the road or you are stranded there, they will have someone to help. This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling during a time when most people are sleeping or away from their homes.

These companies also provide a variety of other services, such as emergency lockout assistance and fuel delivery. The majority of these services are available via their mobile applications or by phone.

The best plan for you depends on your lifestyle and your budget. You can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy, or you can join a third party roadside assistance program such as AAA for a monthly fee or an annual fee.

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