Types of Doors Available From a Door Manufacturer

Door Manufacturer

A door manufacturer produces doors for both exterior and interior use. They make standard and custom-sized doors in a variety styles, designs, materials, and designs. They also offer value-added solutions for the construction sector, such as consulting and estimating as well as design assistance. Products include hollow metal doors and drywall frames, solid wooden doors, and architectural accessories. They also make wood doors, storm windows, door and wall screens, and door and window screen, as well as storm windows and doors.

Solid Hardwood Doors

A frame-and panel is the most common type solid wood door. These doors are usually made out of one large slab. This is however difficult to find and can lead to cracking, warping, and splintering.

A raised panel doors is another popular design. These doors are both a great choice for traditional homes as well as contemporary designs. They have a rich look and feel elegant.

These are typically more expensive than other types of solid wood doors, but they’re worth the investment if you love the natural beauty and texture of real wood. These doors may be manufactured with engineered wooden cores that eliminate the risk of wood warping and twisting.

MDF Doors

These can be painted and stained, making them a more affordable option to solid hardwoods. They also have better sound resistance than solid wood doors, and they can be matched to a wood species. They are generally heavier than other types solid wood doors. They can be molded for true stiles and rail construction or as an entire MDF-door.

They can also be purchased in fire-rated versions and can be hung in either a hollow or formed aluminum frame. They have a 60-minute fire rating. They usually include either a mortise lock or magnetic lock, and electrified panic hardware can be applied with surface or concealed vertical rods.

Some solid core doors are painted, but most have a veneer of some kind that matches the rest of the door. These doors can be made from a softwood such as pine or a hardwood such as oak or maple.


The JELDWEN Authentic Wood Exterior door Line offers a wide range wood door designs. These doors bring the beauty and warmth of natural wood to a variety of residential styles and are protected with premium veneers to ensure long-lasting performance.

The door also features a dense engineered base, which provides strength and durability. The wood is surrounded by a solid plywood outer skin, which adds to the integrity of the product and allows for an overall smoother finish than a molded door.

These doors come in many different finishes and colors, as well as woods such as cedar, redwood and mahogany. These doors come pre-painted but can be stained and finished.

Woodgrain(r) MDF Doors

MDF doors offer a budget-friendly option to solid hardwood doors. They are available in both panels and bifold formats. They are a great choice for homes that want a wood interior door but don’t want to spend the money on painting it.

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