Variable Quick Tote Mixing

Low and High Speed Tote Mixing is a quick and effective way to mix liquids in their Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for storage or shipping. IBC tote mixers are ideal for mixing liquid chemicals, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. They provide a better product consistency than drums and open top containers. Tote mixers are easy-to-assemble, clean and operate with minimal operator and environmental contamination. They can be used as a quality control device on the jobsite, or while in transit from and to the warehouse.

Tote Agitators are available in different types, sizes, and styles that match your application. They are powered by electric motors TEFC in a variety of sizes, phase and voltages to suit your requirements. Motors that are explosion proof and washdown duty are also available. Single or two 316 stainless steel folding or marine style propellers are mounted on shafts and rotated within a sanitary transmission to create the desired agitation.

IBC tote agitators can be mounted to the top of a tote with a bung adapter or directly coupled to the IBC tote lid for easy operation and cleaning. These agitators can be used to clean and operate a wide range IBC totes, including the 275 gallon totes, 300 gallon totes, 330 galon totes, and 400-gallon totes.

The deluxe tote mixer is designed to be mounted easily to the IBC lid with a quick-clamp bracket. It can easily be attached and detached in seconds using no tools or screws, and the tote mix can be placed anywhere on the IBC’s lid. This allows for optimal mixing at any point within the container. It’s perfect for powders and granules as well as any liquid that needs a low speed, gentle mixing.

The air IBC Tote Mixer combines a vertical gravity mixing system patented by the manufacturer with pneumatic agitation. This allows you to mix and agitate your liquids faster than other IBC Tote Mixers on the market. The air IBC agitator can mix all sizes and shapes of IBC tote tank, as well as smaller tanks and rail tanks cars.

White Mountain Process provides a wide variety of IBC Tote Mixers, which vary in size, construction and features, to meet your specific requirements. We can help determine the best tote mix for your needs based on the type of liquid you are mixing, its viscosity and whether or not it is hazardous. Our experienced team will help you find the right IBC mixer to meet your individual needs. If our standard product range is not suitable, we can design an IBC-tote mixer to meet your specific needs. This includes IBC agitators with a variety of blades, mounting techniques, and motor drives. Please contact our team for more information. We look to serving you.

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